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Doggy 'Cheez It' Cracker Bites

Doggy 'Cheez It' Cracker Bites

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Let’s face it, dogs love cheese. These bite sized pup treats are made with human grade ingredients and real cheddar cheese.

Each doggie gift bag is approximately 8 ounces.

Intended as a treat and not a meal replacement.

Care information

Intended as a treat and not a meal replacement.

We don’t use any preservatives in our treats so naturally, they have a limited shelf life. To extend the shelf life and freshness of treats, we recommend refrigerating or freezing them upon receiving them in the mail.

~Keep refrigerated for 2+ weeks
~Freeze for 3-4 months

~To keep moisture content down, our treats will be more crunchy than soft. In order to have a nice soft texture we would have to use preservatives to prevent mold and we want to stay away from those unnecessary chemicals.

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